Does the punishment fit the crime?

The UK town of Northampton is seriously cracking down on supercars and the people who drive them crazily in public. The city’s police force made news recently when it hauled away a Ferrari F12 to an impound lot because its owner was doing what British supercars are known for: being loud and obnoxious in public.

Driving Nissan GT-R

Now the police force has announced that Shaun Davis, 42, has been sentenced to 28 in months in jail for reckless driving.

Davis was arrested for an unrelated crime when police found videos on his phone of him speeding.Okay, “speeding” is an understatement when you’re doing 192 mph.

The police made a supercut of the videos, which show Davis filming his speedometer. The only car shown is a Nissan GT-R but he is known to have also owned BMWs and Audis. By: Carbuzz