Arabs, as you know, are huge fans of exotic cars and motorsport. It was an Emirati who created the A1 Grand Prix of Nations – which of course failed – and they have a top-notch Rally champ called Nasser Al-Attiyah. What’s more, they recently made a hyper car called Lykan which shocked the world with its $3.4 million price tag. Now, it seems, they are trying their hand at making sports cars.


And by sports car we don’t mean a posemobile they can bring to Knightsbridge every summer. No, it’s a proper sport car designed to be the ultimate track toy. Called Dubai Roadster, the car is poised to rival the likes of Ariel Atom and BAC Mono.


So it features a very cool design riddled with aerodynamic elements and a two-seater, open-top cabin. As fancy as the Dubai Roadster looks in these official renderings, they are quite serious about making it, as they have accounted for all the little details like the racing harness and roll bars.


Dubai Roadster will be built upon a tubular chassis with a carbon fiber body. It is said to weigh less than 750 kg, which mean with the 400bhp V8 engine they have chosen for it, the performance is going to be insane. The car is currently under development, but it should be ready in time for the 2015 Dubai Motor Show. By: motorward