Our choice of eye candy for your viewing pleasure today is a beautifully customized Lamborghini Aventador created by the folks at SR Auto Group in partnership with Lamborghini Montreal. The Rosso Mars Aventador features a LP720 kit and sits on a set of PUR wheels.

Eye Candy: Rosso Mars Aventador on PUR Wheels

Starting life as a normal Aventador Roadster, this car was converted to a LP720 through the addition of special bumpers and aero parts.

The new components have given the Rosso Mars Aventador a serious look that is sexy and unique. We believe the LP720 styling package to be the best kit you can get for the Italian super car, even above the new SuperVeloce. This car helps proving that argument once again.


In addition to the body kit, the Rosso Mars Aventador also gets a nice set of high-end PUR wheels in brushed silver.



PUR is one of the classiest brand in the business these days and although their products cost an arm and a leg, when you are putting together a car as special as this Lambo here, you cannot settle for anything less than spectacular. By: motorward