Olcay Tuncay KARABULUT has submitted his latest interpretation of our future F1 race car. Inspired by the legend, Ferrari, this car features the iconic red color along with its characteristics.


F101 is a concept car inspired by Ferrari. It features a range of technology that complies to the F1 rule changes, including a return to 1000hp engines, wider tires and more downforce. Naturally, within boundaries of current regulations and existing technology, this modern F1 car possibly represents the ultimate manifestation of function there is. Given new regulations and more advanced technologies shapes and designs are bound to change.

f101-concept-car-by-olcay-tuncay-karabulut2 f101-concept-car-by-olcay-tuncay-karabulut3

Point is about what will not / cannot change which is the basic design philosophy behind modern F1 race cars and that’s the best performance possible period. You don’t believe “beauty” is a design factor here nor can it be introduced without a price. “Beauty” in F1 cars, as pure fully functional tools without needing aesthetic details to make them look beautiful. Designer : Olcay Tuncay KARABULUT