What we have here is one of those rare cars that should come with a parental advisory sticker on it because it should not be viewed by children. They are going to have nightmares and their innocence will be ruined upon laying eyes on the monster that is FAB Design Porsche Panamera Wide Body!


 Mind you, not all FAB Design Porsche Panamera models are scary like this one. In fact, this kit is one of the sportiest you can get for your grand turismo Porsche. What sets this one, built by RDB of LA, apart is the sheer width of the thing, the color, and also the fact that its based on the latest facelift version which is itself a scary looking car.

Everything about this kit is designed to look big and imposing. Starting at front we have the massive chin spoiler featuring bulges on the sides that melt into the staggeringly fat front wings, complemented with large air intakes, carbon fiber flaps, LED lights and a custom front grille. Then we have the aide vents which complete the wings and result in that sweet wide body look.


A pair of chunky side skirts link the front wings to the wide rear fenders, and from there we arrive at the most prominent feature of FAB Design Porsche Panamera which is its rear apron. A new rear bumper featuring a unique cutout for the diffuser insert, extra air vents, triple central tailpipes, and a giant rear wing are the main ingredients here. By: motorward