Another excellent souvenir from the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed, this time an up close look at the one-off Ferrari 458 MM Speciale. This car is the only one in the world and it has cost someone over 3 million Euros. So you’d think they would want to lock it up in an air conditioned garage somewhere and never bring it out. Not so. ;

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale

The owner is such a cool guy, he dispatched his prized possession to the Festival of Speed and even entered it in the famous Goodwood Hill Climb where things can go wrong and have indeed gone wrong in the past. But Ferrari 458 MM Speciale made it round in one piece and it looked absolutely majestic doing it:

The main highlight of the one-off Ferrari 458 MM Speciale include a bespoke body designed specifically for the owner by the Ferrari Styling Centre with inspirations from the 1984 Ferrari GTO, i.e. the blacked-out A-pillar which creates wraparound windscreen effect. The car also features a Bianco Italia paint job with Italian Tricolore stripes, new side air scoop, carbon fiber bumpers, enhanced audio system and trim definition. Mechanically, the 458MM is identical to the 458 Speciale upon which it is based.

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Front

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Side

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Rear

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Red

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Interior

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Full Interior  Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Black

Video by Marchettino | by: motorward