After seeing what Prior Design could do to a white Ferrari 458 back in September, this time around we’re looking at a less wide, red & black themed model.

Ferrari 458 Prior Design PD458 Aero Kit

 Right off the bat, notice the 21″ Vossen VPS-306 Forged wheels, which look a lot more aggressive than those 3-Piece Prior-Design wheels the previous car had on. Furthermore, this 458 comes with Continental rubber and the optional H&R Sport Suspension.

The main difference between this version of the kit and the one we saw last year was that this one is a little bit more conventional, whereas that one came with wide-body bits.

At its core, the PD458 aero kit consists of a new front bumper, spoiler lip, rear bumper, diffuser, side skirts with lip spoiler, custom bonnet, rear trunk spoiler, rear vent inserts, engine vents covers and a set of cup wings – which aren’t present on this particular build.

Ferrari 458 Prior Design PD458 Aero Kit Rearview

In terms of power, we already knew that Prior-Design offers a chip tuning upgrade, putting 30 extra PS and 40 extra Nm (29 lb-ft) in the 458’s pocket. By: Carscoops