While Maranello engineers are still working to complete the development of the Ferrari 488 Spider (488 GTS), the 458 Spider still serves as the Prancing Horse’s open-top model. We are here now to talk about a 458 Spider that has been taken, far, far away from its factory appearance. ferrari-458-spider-with-liberty-walk-kit-and-candy-apple-red-wheels-is-a-paradox-photo-gallery_5

As we mentioned in the title, this supercar is a bit of a paradox. On one hand, we’ve never agreed with such Liberty Walk projects. While we actually get the screwed-on fenders, the problem is another one – the suspension, most likely and air setup, together with the new wheels and tires affect the delicate handling balance of this Ferrari.

Then there’s that massive rear spoiler, whose aerodynamic effects still remain unknown – to the best of our knowledge, the Japanese tuner hasn’t released any info on how the spoiler affects drag and downforce.



On the other hand, we have to admit that this 458 Spider looks the part. Of course, an important part of the credit for the vehicle’s appearance goes to the paint scheme. This mixes the Glossy Black of the body with the Candy Apple Red of the PUR wheels, as well as with the exposed carbon elements used all over the Ferrari.


The contrast goes down to the tiniest of details. Sure, anybody can see the Red spilled over the 458 Spider’s cabin, but throw a closer look and you’ll notice the hue is also used for the screws that hold those massive fenders in place.

Yes, that’s correct – we’ve been talking about Liberty Walk kits more and more recently, as these have some sort of cool bearded look for the tuning world. By: autoevolution