Ferrari always had a thing for recreating sensations, for designing vehicles that so dearly disturb us. Well, it seems that they did it once more and brought forth a vehicle that is as black as the night, regal in every single way.


We’re talking about Luxury Custom’s collaboration with German tuner DMC and their outstanding result, an upgrade kit for the Ferrari 458, that reinvents the concept of “darkness.”


It’s all that we have imagined and more. It is the Ferrari Elegante as they call it and we have to say that it has one wicked elegance. By incorporating a more prominent front spoiler lip, chunkier side skirts and a set of ADV1 wheels, the vehicle gets a menacing and defiant look. Of course, the pitch black body along with the smoked windows, rear and front lights certainly adds to that.


It’s all about elegant darkness with this Ferrari, a car designed to make us restless , to attract with is dangerousness.

So, this time around bad is the new good and for this car we would definitely go to the dark side.
By: autoevolution