Spain is known for many good things, but tuning industry is not one of them. But that’s about to change, if Atarius has anything to say about it. They have just unveiled their upgrade kit for the Ferrari 458 Italia, and it’s a good’un.

Ferrari 458 Wide Body - Atarius Concept

 The Ferrari 458 Wide Body Kit by Atarius Concept is inspired in many ways by the Italian company’s own 458 Speciale, but it’s like a Speciale on steroids. The Raptor 2, as it’s called, is designed to make the Fezza look super aggressive and somewhat caricatured. We think it looks pretty good, but some people may not like such level of visual modifications on a Ferrari.

Ferrari 458 Wide Body - Atarius Concept Rear

The ingredients of Atarius Concept Ferrari 458 styling kit include brand-new carbon fiber bumpers featuring large air intakes and a spoiler lip up front and a diffuser with new central tailpipes out back, a sport vented bonnet, carbon fiber air ducts and side sills, fender extensions front and rear, and a cool tail spoiler. Those massive fenders are filled with a set of 20-inch rims working in tandem with lowered suspension. By: motorward