RACE! South Africa has established itself as the absolute authority in exotic car tuning in the whole continent and they have plenty to say in the world tuning scene as well. They have a close partnership with some of the world’s top suppliers of tuning parts and this RACE! Ferrari 488 GTB is one of the latest outcomes of it.  Ferrari 488 on ADV1 Wheels

In order to build this custom Ferrari 488 GTB RACE! South Africa turned to some their old tuner buddies for parts: ADV1 Wheels and Novitec Rosso. The car does not get a very substantial treatment in terms of a body kit and a wrap or a paint job, but the few mods implemented on it do a good job of altering its looks and making it utterly unique.

ADV1 Wheels Ferrari 488

The Novitec aero parts on the front and rear of the car are complemented with a two-tone finish in which the white body is paired with a matte black roof and pillars, and then garnished with an Italian tricolore stripe that looks really cool. Also contributing to the styling are the Novitec lowering springs and those sick ADV1 wheels.

Ferrari 488 on ADV1 Wheels Sideview

Speaking of the wheel, RACE! Ferrari 488 is equipped with a set of ADV10.0 M.V2 SL Series in sizes 21×9.5 inch front and 22×12.5 inch rear, finished in Brushed Gunmetal. The intricate design of these rims works well with the elegant lines of the GTB’s body. By: motorward