While showoffs tend to wrap their cars, regardless of the make and model, in bright and brash colors, there are those connoisseurs who go for more classy and meaningful paint works. This Ferrari F12, for example, sports a traditional Ferrari racing livery, and it looks absolutely stunning.


If you are like eight years old, then to you this livery may seem kind of stupid, as it appears to be a yellow line and some white patches painted randomly on the car.



But Ferrari aficionados recognize these as the livery once featured on the 250 GTO race cars. The most recent Ferrari to be given this special treatment was the 599 GTO, and that only a handful of production models.


Due to its uniqueness and specialness, the livery on this Ferrari F12 is a completely bespoke option commissioned by the owner of the car to Ferrari’s Tailor Made division. The base is a lovely shade of green called Verde Pino. They have also painted the brake calipers yellow to match the iconic bonnet stripe. The rest of this F12 is apparently stock, which means it has a 740 horsepower V12 engine and a huge turn of speed. By: motorward