Not all tuning programs have to result in extreme modifications of body and engine. Sometimes a few light mods can give you all the visual excellence you expect from a body kit, without any of the undesirable ostentatiousness. This Ferrari F12 Berlinetta upgraded by RACE! South Africa is a case in point.

Ferrari F12 Tweaked by RACE frontview

While all the body panels remain intact on the Ferrari F12 by RACE!, a few strategic changes have increased the car’s visual impact tenfold, making it miles more aggressive and sporty. The first thing you’ll notice upon laying eyes on this bad boy is the white stripe package, adorning the bonnet, rear tailgate, roof and side mirrors. The double white stripe makes a nice contrast with the metallic black of the body.

Ferrari F12 Tweaked by RACE Sideview

Less obvious changes on Ferrari F12 by RACE! have to do with the fill black-out treatment given to all the logos and lights and indicators. They add up to make a big difference in the overall appearance of the car, although they probably wouldn’t have such an impact if the car was white or some other light color. Last but not least, this F12 gets a set of ADV1 wheels in gunmetal grey and sizes 21 inch on the front axle and 22 inch on the rear.

Ferrari F12 Tweaked by RACE Top Rearview

By: motorward