World’s first LaFerrari in matt black company paint.


We recently got our eyeballs on Ferrari LaFerrari at 2015 Parx Supercar Show in Mumbai, and thought LaFerrari couldn’t have been finished better without Rosso Corsa all over it. Now, on just watching these matte black LaFerrari pictures, we can’t help but wonder if we were wrong.

Ferrari-LaFerrari-matte-black-wrap-04-doors Ferrari-LaFerrari-matte-black-wrap-01-front

One of the only 499 owners of Ferrari LaFerrari, an unknown enthusiast from Austin, Texas, probably played Bruce Wayne and asked the Italian house ‘does it come in black?’.


When he got his Rosso Corsa (red) LaFerrari delivered, he was apparently quick to send it to a custom shop to get it wrapped completely in matte black. Oh boy did that work!

Ferrari-LaFerrari-matte-black-wrap-07-interiors Ferrari-LaFerrari-matte-black-wrap-06-engine

The LaFerrari is bathed in black with traces of red left behind for contrast. And the matte finish is not all that flat, it seems kind of low sheen which helps elevate the hypercar’s body lines and curves to put a provocative show on the streets.

The LaFerrari in images here (clicked by Michael Chatham, Texas) is not a wrap, but a factory painted unit. By: rushlane