After a unanimous decision, the “Gran Premio Assoluto” for Ferrari’s Top Design School Challenge was awarded to the Manifesto, a study made by students from the ISD-Rubika Valenciennes.

Ferrari de Esfera Maranello
Ferrari de Esfera Maranello

The jury that had the tough job of selecting from many concepts was comprised of famous collectors, drivers, designers and engineers, including Jay Kay, Sebastian Vettel, Paolo Pininfarina, Andrea Militello, Nick Mason, Flavio Manzoni, Rodolfo Gaffino Rossi, Aldo Colonnetti, Franco Cimatti and Nicola Boari.

What won them was the completeness of the Manifesto design, as the students managed to create a coherent vision of the car, spanning its exterior, cabin and running gear, while also featuring what the jury described as, a “spectacular door opening mechanism”.

Ferrari de Esfera Maranello2

The FL by Roman Egorov was highlighted by Ferrari as the only design that focused solely on the cabin, with its unconventional shape, and its creator partnered “luxury” and “noble materials” rather than going for the carbon-leather combination.


Ferrari’s “Premio Speciale”, decided by an online ballot, was awarded to the “de Esfera”, a concept created by three students from the Hongik University in Seoul, Korea. By: Carscoops