Probably the most coveted and iconic automotive brand in the world, Ferrari – the legendary producer of ultra-luxury sports cars – is also a true brand when it comes to the way it conducts business.

To ensure exclusivity, Ferrari has in place a cap on the number of vehicles it produces. And all of them are sold with a 25 percent margin of profit. And the company that is now preparing for a New York Stock Exchange initial public offering that could value it at close to ten billion dollars, has on sale items that range from Mahjong sets to clothes.


They also have branded merchandise sold through its website and the 32 stores across the globe. And it also licenses the brand to various third party peers: Oakley, Tod’s, Lego, Electronic Arts, and Movado. Short it’s a cash making machine that brings profit from activities that have nothing to do with its core business – that is selling exclusively priced supercars (and the associated dreams).

Let’s see what else Ferrari has in its prancing horse stable. Let’s start with the world’s largest indoor theme park – Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, which has anything from driving experiences to roller coaster attractions. And they also have the fastest roller coaster on the planet – Formula Rossa – capable of reaching 150 miles per hour.

They could also sell you a Ferrari Cavallino Rampante belt for men, handmade in Italy. Or Scuderia Ferrari P200 headphones that mimic those used by the F1 Team technicians, complete with a Scuderia XX chronograph watch. You could also get a Ferrari photo frame, a surfboard, an utterly expensive Mahjong set, an equally expensive chess set, sunglasses, travel bags or a handmade reproduction model of the Ferrari 500 F2 that took home the win on the Bremgarten Racetrack in Switzerland on August 23, 1953. And the list could go on. By: inautonews