How often do you see a motorcycle shooting flames like this? Always wondered how they do it because it sure is something cool to look at. While there are many ways to achieve the flame throw effect on any combustion engine.

FIRE THROWING Motorcycle Exhaust Like F1 Formula Car !

The really impressive part of this video is the fact that the bikes engine is able to sustain the high rev’s for such an extended period of time without blowing up. Now we know bike engines respond completely differently than car engines and are built for the high rev’s, but come on, this is just insane.

To be able to sustain that and be able to generate that much heat that the exhaust is glowing is incredible.

Now something that a lot of people will forget, these bikes arent running standard exhausts, you cant do this with your daily bike sitting in the garage, they’re custom builds to enable such vision. So the last remaining question is always did they use the sparkplug trick, or just simply dump some fuel in the exhaust. Either way it is a cool little show for people to look at! By: automotivejustice