We have to admit that we’re looking forward to the day when we get to tell our grandchildren about how we witnessed the S550 Mustang bringing significant changes to the Blue Oval’s pony.

2016 Shelby Super Snake Frontview

And we’re not just talking about the IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) that will help the ‘Stang ditch its bad car meet-leaving reputation. Instead, we’re also referring to the fact that the Mustang is now a global car. Among others, this means Ford is also offering a right-hand-drive incarnation of the machine.

Factor in the added spice of the tuning world and a whole new range of possibilities shines through. Case in point: the 2016 Shelby Super Snake – the first example of the muscle beast has recently been put together and you can see it in the image gallery below. The beefed-up build was completed by Mustang Motorsport Official in Australia. We know just how crazy drivers Down Under are when it comes to burning rubber (heck, they hold the world record for it), so we’re expecting the burnouts to start on asphalt flooded with tears of joy.

2016 Shelby Super Snake Sideview

After all, this would only seem natural, given the fact that we’re dealing with Shelby’s supercharged take on the Ford Mustang GT. The now-blown Coyote under the hood delivers north of 750 hp, so the high-velocity action is guaranteed.

“Are you as excited as we are that the Ford Mustang is now available in RHD for our friends around the world? […] 750+HP still looks and sounds beautiful even when the steering wheel is on the wrong side,” Shelby American said on its Facebook page.

2016 Shelby Super Snake Rear View

Of course we’re excited, but now let’s see that break-in burnout video – we might be kidding here, but more than one small aftermarket developer has delivered such aggressive procedures, albeit before adding its touch under the hood. By: autoevolution