If you follow any of the high end luxury auto spas and conversion companies in the world I’m sure you’ve heard the names Liberty Walk, G-Power, RAUH Welt Begriff or Brabus.     Five Mansory Creations That Will Make You Do A Double Take!

These companies, and ones like them, take some of the world’s most expensive vehicles and improve upon them. Cars made by Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce are modified and overhauled to create insane versions of these already luxurious and action packed vehicles.

5. Ferrari F12 La Revoluzioneinsane9

Mansory Ferrari F12 La Revoluzioneinsane9

This $1.4 million dollar one off Ferrari F12 has been stripped down and remade by the Mansory team. The standard body was thrown out and replaced with a nearly full carbon fiber body that has been painted in a translucent Revolution Red. The paint allows viewers to see the weave of the carbon fiber underneath. The stock motor has also been scrapped for an upgraded and twin turbo charged power plant that produces 1,200 horse power. Less weight and double the power means the owner of this car is in for one hell of a ride. This Mansory masterpiece was recently delivered to its new home.

4. Rolls Royce Ghost

Mansory Rolls Royce Ghost

This Rolls Royce Ghost is one example of the lengths Mansory will go to in order to make his customers happy. This two toned Green and Gold luxury machine has been transformed into something from a video game paint shop. Mansory branded hood , grille, and deck lid spoiler were added to help the car stand out even more. The Ghost’s visual customizations don’t end on the outside by any means. The interior received a new headliner, steering wheel, and one off interior trim package with illuminated sill plates. This particular setup on this Rolls Royce may not be for everyone. I can respect the work that went into it but it’s not my taste at all but if they can do this then the sky truly is the limit.

3. Mercedes G63

Mansory Mercedes G63

This Merc blows my mind. The camo wrap job on top of the carbon fiber body and the upgraded exterior features just keep bringing me back. This “Sahara Edition” sports a vented hoot, new grille, four high mounted LED spot lights, and aftermarket wheels. The interior sports upgraded leather seating surface. Each headrest has an eagle hand sown into it. The remaining interior surfaces have been altered to feature the wings and feathers of an eagle through out. This is fully seen on the passenger side dash. The Mercedes twin turbo V-8 has been tuned and modified to a staggering 828 horsepower. One of these Mansory Sahara Editions will set you back about $850,000 dollars.

2. Bentley Continental GTC

Mansory Bentley Continental GTC

This creation is by far one of my favorites that Mansory has created recently. They took a convertible Bentley GT and replaced many of the heavy exterior pieces with clear coated carbon fiber to save weight and turn heads. New grilles and a new hood have been put in place to take weight savings even further. Newly designed carbon spoiler rests beneath the factory spoiler to help keep the upgraded Bentley planted to the ground at high speeds. Burnt orange is the color of choice by Mansory for this Bentley setup. The color scheme is played out in the interior, exterior and even under the hood. The engine has also been tuned and upgraded to produce 1,001 horsepower and 1,000 pounds of torque, which is available at 2,100 rpms. This GTC goes as fast as it looks for sure. This particular setup can be yours for around $450,000 dollars.

1. Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado Apertos

mansory Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado Apertos

This Lamborghini convertible Aventadors is one of three that will built by Mansory. The stock body is already fairly light by the Germans take things to the extreme by replacing non carbon body panels and pieces with in house produced carbon fiber replacements. These new pieces give the Lamborghini a stealth fighter type look and the new designed day time running lights can be seen over a mile away. The new front and rear carbon bumpers add needed downforce to the Italian supercar. Mansory also replaced all four of the fender arches to incorporate a larger wheel and tire setup.

The interior has been refreshed and given newly finished leather seats with matching steering wheel and dash panel. Even more carbon fiber can be found the cockpit of this road going stealth machine. In Mansory fashion the engine also been modified to the tune of 1,250 horsepower which carries this Lamborghini from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. This custom Aventador goes for the sum of $1.6 million dollars but you can’t have one. The other two car owners have already been chosen. By: drivtingtuning