Well, that’s quite surprising, if not a first for the retired boxing champ: selling one of his most esteemed supercars at a prestigious auction house such as RM Sothebys. After all, wasn’t Floyd Mayweather’s car line-up in the hands of the same dealer who has been taking care of him for about a decade?

Floyd Mayweather’s Ferrari Enzo Is Going Under the Hammer-2

Buy some, burn some, sell some – that’s the drill with Money. He had a couple of his luxury vehicles torched to the ground while they were being transported to Florida recently. The next thing you hear is that the five-division champ starts a new car-shopping spree. First, he goes all coo-coo with a Jeep Wrangler (not the one that tragically passed away in the arson incident) and pimps the hell out of it.

Then, since three Bugattis are never enough, he goes on and buys number four – none other than the Grand Sport Vitesse, the fastest production hypercar on the planet. He may seem like a man that knows a couple of things about the impressive machinery he buys, but in real life – as we have previously reported – he doesn’t even get to drive them all.


It’s the case with the Ferrari Enzo in question here, which he purchased from its first buyer from Dubai. The first owner of the Rosso Corsa over black leather model never actually drove the supercar as some would expect either. That’s why we’re looking at one of the lowest-mileage Ferrari Enzos still alive and breathing. With around 560 miles on the odometer, you may as well call this legendary Prancing Horse new.

Floyd Mayweather’s Ferrari Enzo Is Going Under the Hammer

According to RM Sothebys, thanks to its limited road time, the Enzo remains in excellent condition throughout and is presented in virtually as-new condition. Moreover, the beauty also received its 5,000 miles service this September, having all the fluids changed, along with the oil and air filters. The 295th Ferrari Enzo of the 400 produced will go under the hammer on December 10 in New York at the Driven by Disruption auction. By: autoevolution