You’ve been waiting for this, haven’t you? Well, we have.   Forgiato-SEMA-2015

The best part of SEMA show each year for us is wherever Forgiato Wheels is involved, mostly because of the cars, but also because they always have the nicest booth babes. And they have just dropped an awesome gallery from this year’s event.



We do realize you want to scroll down to the gallery and check out the chicks. But before you go let’s review some of the car highlights of their lineup.


This is a car blog, after all. The biggest highlight here, and probably of the whole show, is the superb Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan wide body, presented in two red and white examples, with a few different set of Forgiato Wheels.


This is now the new benchmark by which all other widened Huracans are going to be measured. You will also see in the gallery a fair few tricked-out Ford F-150s. Forgiato has a big love for pickup trucks and the ‘Buck Fiddy’ is one of them best. So no surprises there. By: motorward