I don’t think anybody would argue that Forgiato INSETTO-ECL wheels are among the most showoff-y rims you can get. They’re designed predominantly to fit Escalades and Lincoln Navigators; you know, rap mobiles. You’d think there is no way they would look presentable on a sleek and futuristic looking car such as BMW i8.


But you’d be wrong. On the evidence of what you can see here, the INSETTO rims could very well be the perfect set of wheels for the BMW i8. It comes as a surprise because that car and those wheels are just a world apart character-wise and in terms of what they are designed to represent. The i8 is all about sophistication and subtle elegance, whereas the rims just want to be as brash as possible.



But hey, when it works, it works. This i8 right here is one of the best looking examples of the car we have ever seen. Mind you, there is something to be said about the color combination as well. The silver blue finish of the body combined with the rich shade of blue on the outer lips of the rims, which complement the i blue accenting on the vehicle, plays a major part in the overall looks.


We’re not sure these ECLs would look just as fine on a white or a black i8. By: motorward