The guys at Forgiato and their partners have done it again, taking a sensible family car and turning it into an insane and impractical work of art. This Forgiato Jeep Wrangler built by Brian’s Motorsports would make a good Mad Max car… if that story was set in Antarctica rather than a scorching desert.   Forgiato-Jeep-Wrangler-BMS-0

They call this car Betty White and it is apparently a fully-functioning off-road monster. It’s got tens of thousands of dollars worth of off-road gear fitted to it – the wheels and tires alone cost over $12K – so it damn well better be.



Brian’s Motorsports Wrangler features completely custom body panels including fenders, grilles doors, bumpers, running boards, pillars even. And each one of these parts is designed with sheer artistic creativity. As with every other Forgiato Jeep Wrangler models we’ve seen so far, this car is a pure work of art; one that would feel more at home in a gallery than on an off-road course. It was of course designed as a show car for Forgiato Fest, but it is also sound enough mechanically to be used if needs be.


The main highlights of Betty White Wrangler by BMS include 22×14 Forgiato wheels wrapped with chunky 40-inch Toyo off-road tires, custom lifted suspension from Rough Country, Smitty Bit bumpers, Kicker audio system, and…

By: motorward