You might not think it from his laid back personality, but Ray McClelland of Full Throttle Kustomz builds some pretty impressive cars.

In his soft spoken voice, he’ll inform you that this particular Mustang makes over 1200 horsepower to the rear wheels. This custom 2007 Mustang convertible is undoubtedly one of the more extreme Mustangs you’ll ever see.  Full Throttle Kustomz Twin-Turbo Mustang (2007 Mustang convertible)-2

This Mustang started life as a black GT convertible, although it didn’t stay that way for very long. When the FTK guys first got a hold of the Mustang, it was essentially stripped down and completely rebuilt. The heart of the car is its motor, which was completely rebuilt by D.S.S. Racing. The stock block was used, but it received forged pistons, rods, and crankshaft that also pushed the displacement out to 5.0 liters.

Full Throttle Kustomz Twin-Turbo Mustang (2007 Mustang convertible)

Crane Cams supplied a custom-ground camshaft, and a custom intake manifold was built to take in the extra air coming from a 67mm twin-turbo system from Turbo Horsepower. Finally, an Aeromotive fuel system ensures the motor can keep up with the extra air coming in, and a Nitrous Xpress direct port nitrous system was added for good measure. When all is said and done, the FTK Mustang produces more than 1200 horsepower at the wheels.

Full Throttle Kustomz Twin-Turbo Mustang (2007 Mustang convertible)-engine

Handling all of that horsepower is a tough job, but FTK enlisted the help of BMR Fabrication for a suspension system that could put the power to the ground. The car received a full BMR suspension and chassis upgrade with new upper and lower control arms, tubular panhard rod, heavy duty sway bars, Tokico D-Spec shocks and struts, and Ground Force springs.

The drivetrain received significant upgrades as well with a custom 6-speed transmission built by D&D Performance, a McLeod ceramic twin-disc clutch, and a custom 9-inch differential with 4.11 gears. A Wilwood 14-inch brake kit ensures adequate stopping power.

Full Throttle Kustomz Twin-Turbo Mustang (2007 Mustang convertible)-sideview

The exterior of the car is just as extreme as the powertrain. The black paint was converted to a custom Dupont Tangerine with white pearl stripes. A custom body kit was fitted with side exhaust, functional ram air hood, and shaved door handles, antenna, trunk lock, and all emblems. Black Makaveli 3 piece 20” rims are on all four corners, and an LSD vertical door kit adds to the exotic look.

Full Throttle Kustomz Twin-Turbo Mustang (2007 Mustang convertible)-rear

Inside the FTK Mustang is relatively low-key compared to the rest of the car. A full roll cage from Rigid Race Cars was installed, with a Classic Design convertible light bar fitted neatly around it. Custom suede seats with racing harnesses also went into the car, along with an EclipseAVN5500 CD/DVD player with Navigation and a US Blinder laser jammer. By: mustangsdaily