When it comes to movies, the most memorable aspects are ones that capture the audience’s attention and imagination. Usually characters play the biggest part in achieving this; however, the stunts, locations and props can leave a lasting impression too. For the petrol-head amongst us, this is no more evident than the use of the motor car. From Steve McQueen’s Bullitt, to the likes of Gone In 60 Seconds, 007, The Italian Job and the more recent Fast & Furious franchise films – automobiles on the big screen are something we aspire to associate with.


One vehicle that captures some of the most imagination lurks in the depths of DC Comics stella array of publications – that being the legendary ‘Batmobile’.


With this icon in mind, it was decided to look forward to where the future of the Batmobile was heading. In the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film, rumor has it that the next Batmobile will be based on a GM model, while another ‘older Caddy’ will feature prominently too.

Taking these rumors into account, the brief was simple; to design a vehicle that captures the essence of Batman’s past while progressing forward in a modern, dark cloak.


First of all, looking back at the inaugural George Barris-designed Batmobile – then viewing its successive replacements, sparked an interesting observation. The original car, based on the 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept, is arguably still the best looking version to date. It doesn’t suffer the over-the-top tackiness that plagues its newer iterations.

Thus, this design proposal goes back to those original 1960’s routes. Based on Corvette’s Stingray Concept and wearing Cadillac’s Art & Science surfacing language; it embodies a classier, more integrated approach.


Firstly, the front is dominated by an large mesh grille, flanked by a ‘red-fanged’ border. Red wheel highlights and LED lighting also pay tribute to the original without being too overpowering. Above this is a crisp, multi-contoured hood, encompassing aggressive frontal air intakes – or a Bat’s nostrils, if you will.

The elongated hood gracefully sweeps backwards, emphasizing a powerful and thrusting stance. Planted rearwards is a glasshouse that wraps around the windscreen pillars – in a fashion not too dissimilar to that of the Nissan GT-R. However the most intriguing part of the cabin architecture is the ‘floating’ rear-section that sweeps back over the doors and roof – centrally dipping down over the windscreen, whilst exuding a subtle nod to Batman’s mask.

Following past Batmobile tradition, the rear haunches flare up and out, although here the effect is somewhat toned down. While not depicted in this illustration, a rear-mounted turbine sits pride of place – so villains be warned, this is certainly no Prius!

As for those crime-fighting gadgets and vehicle assists; this proposal takes on more of an stealth persona rather than the blunt-force-trauma that was ‘Tumbler’ from the more recent ‘The Dark Night Rises’  film.

From invisible armor shielding and military-grade electromagnetic pulse ‘EMP’ systems, to the more conventional hidden rocket launchers, immobilization nets and retractable wheel spikes – this chariot is far from timid. So don’t expect any cup-holders, mood lighting or heated seats.

Ultimately, this study follows a more serious, understated approach – some may like it whilst others disapprove. I’m sure many of you will have different ideas for vehicle weaponry and design – so is this the right direction for Gotham’s crime-fighting vehicle to follow?

Let us know your feedback and suggestions in the comments below. Source: Carscoops