This week Renault Brought its new Megane model to Frankfurt and we were rather impressed with the improvements the car received for its fourth generation, but a couple of things were missing.

For instance, the French only presented the hatchback model, a choice that left some bewildered as another two body styles, at the very least, were expected. As it turns out, this move was done on purpose as Renault wants to take its time to bring out the Coupe and the Sport Wagon versions.


That might also make you wonder what will come of the RS version, right? Since that’s traditionally a coupe model and we’re lacking in such a choice right now, what are the Renault Sport people thinking?

Well, in an interview with Australian publication Motoring, the boss of the division in charge of the RS, Regis Fricotte, offered some insight into what will happen next.

“Even though the new Megane has been launched, current Megane RS will be on sale for at least another year. We are just launching the hatchback of the new shape, but the coupe and estate of the current Megane are still in production, so we continue RS production until the end of next year, so we still have Megane RS,” he said.

That means there will be a gap between the launch of the different body styles and, furthermore, until we get to see the new RS Megane. Moreover, the new version will be a five-door hatch and not a coupe since the brand must offer more practicality on its hardcore models. That’s also the reasoning behind how the new Clio RS came out.

As for the power output, the numbers can only go up and while the Renault official refused to offer a specific output, since the current model offers 275 strong horses to the front axle, the new one should be putting down around 300 at the very least, to keep up with the pack that has seemingly gone mental lately. That includes the Seat Leon Cupra 290 with 290 HP, the Honda Civic Type R with its 310 HP and, to some extent, the Ford Focus RS with 345 HP. However, the power factor isn’t everything.

“We’ve never had the car the most powerful, but I believe we’ve had the car the most efficient especially on the track,” said Fricotte during the same interview.

That’s certainly true and another question that arises to mind is whether the transmission will be kept manual. Of course, the official didn’t provide a straight answer in this regard either but he did say that since more comfort and usability is being aimed, the EDC gearbox will be considered. Source: autoevolotion