It looks so mean!

Toyota introduced the S-FR concept at the Tokyo Motor Show and it looked like a promising sports car that the majority of enthusiasts could actually afford. However, the S-FR wasn’t the best looking thing on the show floor.

Toyota-S-FR concept

Toyota took the GT86 and made it rounder and smaller; the concept was missing that dramatic flair that we thought it would have. But Gazoo Racing has fixed the issue with a hardcore model that looks insane. Now this S-FR looks like a proper sports car with an extremely aggressive appearance.

Toyota-S-FR concept-sideview

A front-engined, rear-wheel-drive, sports car that weighs less than 2,200 lbs. sounds like an incredible recipe and Gazoo Racing’s concept gives the affordable sports an angrier look.

Toyota-S-FR concept-rear

The S-FR Racing Concept gives the concept a flashy white paintjob, an updated grilled, more aggressive front bumper with an apron, extended fenders, a vented hood, lowered suspension and new side skirts. At the back, there’s an enormous wing and a large diffuser with a center-mounted exhaust pipe. There’s still no word on what kind of engine the S-FR will use, but this little monster looks like it’s ready to destroy the track. By: Carbuzz