Mazda has to be commended for what it’s done with its own image and cars over the last few years. It has invested heavily in diesel technology while some Japanese manufacturers still ignore it; it’s injected a hell of a lot of goodness into its design, creating a family DNA that is instantly recognisable in any of its cars; but best of all, it hasn’t ignored its core enthusiast base. Getting Mazda’s New Roadster Right

The Japanese manufacturer still keep our dreams alive; the new ND Mazda Roadster (MX-5/Miata) has hit the nail on the head, and the RX Vision concept is central to the company’s future – as well as many of our own wet dreams.

Getting Mazda’s New Roadster Right Frontvew

The Roadster shines for its design, sweet chassis and a superbly appointed cabin for the price bracket. Where it fails is performance – especially so in Japan where we get stuck with the smaller 1.5L engine. But that’s okay, because like the 86/FR-S/BRZ, the ND Roadster is a superb canvas to work on, and at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon it was the star of the show.

If I had to choose one example that made the biggest impact at TAS last weekend, it would have to be GReddy’s. Teaming up with Miura-san at Rocket Bunny, who designed a Pandem overfender kit for the car, GReddy fitted up a set of RAYS Volk Racing TE37Vs and slammed the rear-wheel drive chassis as low as it would go.

Getting Mazda’s New Roadster Right engine

The GReddy Roadster was also showcasing a new type of paint from Shiba Art, which lights up when a current is passed through it. How cool is that?! The special paint was applied to the windscreen surround and the two trims around the roll-over hoops behind the seats, as well as the helmet you can see in the back.

Getting Mazda’s New Roadster Right sideview

GReddy also outfitted the car with this HUD-style digital projection gauge that relays a variety of information. It’s cool to see the old analogue-style gauge reinvented in this way, and you can Trust GReddy to come up with these sort of things. Pun intended, of course. Okay, I’ll go away now…

By: speedhunters