An Infiniti FX featuring a full body gold wrap has received a set of huge 32-inch wheels from Forgiato. infiniti-fx-by-forgiato

Forgiato is known for its rather flashy forged wheels and their latest product is no exception as the 32-inch Autonomo-L set part of the Luminoso series is far from being subtle.

infiniti-fx-by-forgiato Sideveiw

infiniti-fx-by-forgiato Wheels

They admit finding tires for these massive wheels is quite tricky, but that hasn’t stopped them from launching a 32-inch version to join the already available sets ranging in sizes from 16 to 30 inches.

infiniti-fx-by-forgiato Rear

It’s not just the shiny wheel set that makes this Infiniti FX stand out as it has also received a gold body wrap and even the front badge benefits from the same treatment while the chrome treatment enhances flashiness even further. Forgiato isn’t saying a word about how the car handles now, but obviously those 32-inch wheels have greatly affected the car’s agility. By: motor1