It is the middle of the summer, which means the temperatures in the desert are not hospitable for super cars, or humans. It also means the Arabs who are wealthy – which is all of them – hit the European countries with their cars in tow, creating wonderful scenes on the streets.


And it doesn’t get much more wonderful than this. Here on a back street in Geneva, Switzerland, spotters scooped a Golden Bugatti Veyron rocking Saudi 001 number plate, which means the fella behind the wheel is a very high-ranking royalty.

Black-and-Gold-Bugatti-Veyron-8 Black-and-Gold-Bugatti-Veyron-2

As if that wasn’t enough to create a scene, he’s brought some friends along in a one of a kind blue chrome Ferrari 458 featuring what appears to be a Hamann styling kit, and a red Rolls-Royce Phantom.

You can tell these guys are royalties, even if you don’t notice the number plates, since they are behaving like perfect gentlemen and refrain from annoying the residents by pointlessly revving their engines.
By: motorward