Velos Designwerks’ latest project is an utter and complete overkill. Not that their previous works have been suddle and understated, but this one’s really over the top. What we have here is a Maserati GranCario, a cool and dignified car, wrapped in golden foil.  Golden Maserati GranCario by Velos Designwerks

 Like many of you, we don’t like gold cars either. We think they are ostentatious, showy, and therefore very uncool. But we have to say, Velos has done a good job with the wrap.


The work is immaculate and the finish is of the highest quality. Sure, there are big question marks above their choice of color.



But then the whole of point of treatments like this is to grab more attention. And they’ve pulled it off. Besides the wrap, this GranCabrio also gets a set of Velos Solo L wheels finished in black. By: motorward