In the world of Bugatti Veyrons, few are as recognisable or notable as America’s unique Veyron Super Sport Pur Blanc. Commissioned by a well-known local car collector, the car has been coined ‘Panda’ thanks to its white and black paint scheme. For GoldRush Rally 7 kicking off tomorrow however, the French hypercar has been installed with a special livery. GoldRush Rally 7 Bugatti Veyron

While many other entrants in GR7 feature completely unique wraps, the visual changes to Panda are more subtle. The front-end is undeniably where all the action is happening with gold chrome now featured on the Veyron’s famous horseshoe front grille. A gold GR logo has then been installed onto the bonnet alongside two prominent gold accents on the bonnet.

GoldRush Rally 7 Bugatti Veyron-1 GoldRush Rally 7 Bugatti Veyron-2

Elsewhere, Panda now features gold chrome outer rims on the wheels, golden wing mirrors and a gold rear EB logo.

GoldRush Rally 7 Bugatti Veyron-Rear