Hey guys, here is an amazing gallery with the Hamana Audi R8 V10 mounted on a golden set of Vossen forged Wheels.


 The Audi R8 V10, as the name says, has a V10 engine under the hood instead of the usual V8… Being exact, this Audi R8 is powered by a 5.2 FSI quattro Odd firing V10 40 valve DOHC pumping out 525 PS (386 kW; 518 bhp) at 8000 rpm and 530 Nm (391 lb·ft) at 6500 rpm of torque. The Audi R8 V10 takes 3.7 seconds to achieve 62 mph and has a top speed of 316 km/h (196.35 mph).



This copy did not receive any performance package, instead, the German sports car was equipped with a body kit created by the Japanese tuning house Hamana and a new set of wheels by the Miami based Vossen Forged.



Hamana Aerodynamic body kit consists in a new front bumper, side sills, rear diffuser and rear wing, while a 5-spoke Vossen’s VPS-302 set of wheels finished in gold replaces the stock one. By: sssupersports