What seemed initially to offer the advantages of optical light, proposed here for a quick impression of the attitude of emptiness, instability and noise. in the border front air intake, cross-section of the hood, rear and side panels are removed from the verge area to see the whole volume even after the car man.


 An important source of mixing of the c MP4-12 with other sports car that are smaller than the UK is the definition of excessive surface with concave elements.

the brilliant touch of the LeMans winner at years 1995 were interpreted now so new, that they just as far as the brand identity car that modern designed and avant-garde of the “memoR” never retouch for consideration is available on these perfect swing.



2012 Hamann McLaren MP4-12C memoR having powreful engine V8 twin turbo which can bring the driver to the next level at V8 engine performance. By: diseno-art