Sportsters are some of the bikes customizers favor the most: they boast the classic Harley-Davidson styling while at the same time offer innumerable options for modifications, and can be transformed dramatically when needed.


However, when it comes to big bikes in Taiwan, if they’re older than 5 years, they have to pass an annual exam… and will fail it in case the modifications take the bike too far. And here’s when Winston Yeh of Rough Crafts brings in his magic: building a Harley-Davidson retaining as much as possible resemblance with the original bike, yet being a true custom machine.


The Iron Guerrilla is the perfect proof that such a difficult task can be carried out in flying colors. Building on the Nightster design, the Iron Guerrilla boasts a longer-raked fork, new handlebars and lighting system and an awesome exhaust.


From afar, the Rough Crafts Iron Guerrilla may look very similar to a darkened Sportster, but the beauty is to be found in the details. All the custom parts have been designed and manufactured by Rough Crafts and fit perfectly.


And when we say perfectly, we mean that Yeh has sent an “Iron Guerrilla modding kit” to Argentina and local shop CMP have built another similar bike there. The last 5 pics in the gallery are showing the Argentinian Iron Guerrilla… and that’s another solid proof for a job well done. By: autoevolution