This thing would look good in any color. We recently heard of a BMW i8 selling for around $250,000 in southern California, and we’re sure this example – despite its divisive Lime Green paint job – will command just as high a sum.

Lime Green BMW i8

Currently on display at BMW Abu Dhabi, the uniquely colored hybrid sports car certainly catches the eye, but we’re almost certain this is a foil wrap and not body paint. BMW offers the i8 in Protonic (baby blue), white pearl, dark gray and silver, combined with a choice of blue or gray accents.

Lime Green BMW i8-03 Lime Green BMW i8-02

This could have gone through BMW’s Individual personalization department, but we don’t think that’s currently an option for the i8.

Lime Green BMW i8-04

Regardless, the BMW i8 is one sexy looking car that would look good in any color and given the demand for the car, it won’t be sitting on the lot for very long. By: carbuzz