Impress your friends at the next Koenigsegg meetup with this.
Koenigsegg hasn’t been around for long, but the Swedish hypercar company still has some history it can reminisce over.
First Koenigsegg
That history starts with the prototype it built to wow the world. Normally the prototype, powered by an Audi-sourced 4.2-liter V8, lives in the Motala Motormuseum near(ish) Stockholm, but it recently visited Koenigsegg headquarters for some maintenance and a photoshoot.
First Koenigsegg Engine First Koenigsegg-2
The action was chronicled in the always awesome Koenigsegg blog, which also provided insight into why it changed colors so often.
The original color was silver and at that time the doors were normal. The doors were eventually changed, which according to the blog resulted in some butchering of the body and the need to repaint the car black. The black was hard to keep clean, so Christian von Koenigsegg arranged by phone (he was away on business) to have the prototype repainted in a burnt orange offered by Volvo.
First Koenigsegg-3
The final color today is metallic brown, and that’s because Koenigsegg and the painter disagreed on what “orange” was supposed to look like! Now that you know the color-changing history of the first Koenigsegg ever made check out its day at the factory in this photo set here. By: carbuzz