A far cry from the current 991 Carrera, don’t you think?

Over the last 50 or so years, Porsche has done a cracking job with its iconic 911. From its origins as Porsche’s second ever attempt at a road car, the 911 has evolved into a nigh-on flawless machine. There are some criticisms to be had, though, with perhaps one of the biggest being that all seven generations of the fabled rear-engined sports car have looked eerily similar to one another. It seems that recent IAAD graduate Khashayar Jenabi agrees with that sentiment.

Here's The Most Outlandish Porsche 911 You've Ever Laid Eyes On

His take on the fabled speed machine could quite possibly be the most extreme expression to date of what a 911 could be. Dubbed the ‘911 Solo,’ this concept pushes the Porsche legend into uncharted territory.

In fact, the 911 Solo takes quite a lot of inspiration from the flat-nosed 935 racing car – in particular, the legendary ‘Moby Dick’ Group 5 racer that heckled sports prototypes down the Mulsanne Straight at the Le Mans 24 Hours. For example, the squared-off rear fenders and the integration of the diffuser into the back bumper are all reminiscent of what was found on the ‘Moby Dick’ 935.


And, like the Group 5 Porsche racing car, the vents on the rear deck lid all help cool the presumably potent flat-six engine. Other noteworthy features of the 911 Solo are the centrally-mounted single seater cockpit (hence the ‘Solo’ part of the concept’s name), the aerodynamic flaps on the rear fenders that pop out under braking to aid stability, and the headlamps that form an integral part of the car’s front spoiler.


Given how awesome the 911 Solo is, it’s no real surprise that this design study was chosen by Porsche (which collaborated with students on the course Khashayar Jenabi was on at the time) to be brought to life as a scale model. By: Carbuzz