When you’re fitting your car with custom wheels, you need to consider design, color, manufacturer and of course always consider sizing.


If you need a blueprint on how to properly customize your Maserati, just check out this MC Stradale, also wearing a set of Vossen wheels. It’s arguably one of the best-looking we’ve seen, and they nailed the size of those rims perfectly.



In this case however, we’re looking at a set of 22″ candy red Vossen VFS2 wheels that stand out way more than they should. The GranTurismo is a devilishly elegant car and to go with 22s is way too much.


Maybe if they had went with 21″ wheels instead, even though the sizing issue would have been more or less resolved, the color of the wheels would still be more “show tunes” than “show time”. That’s just us, though; feel free to voice your opinion in the comments section below. By: carscoops