We’ve previously detailed Holden’s major headache revolving around its close aligning with the Commodore and its variants that have defined the brand for decades. Holden is aware of its branding issues, and has said it is beginning to put together a new brand strategy.


Motoring reports Holden will look towards the “New Australia” with its upcoming onslaught of product, and focus on the next generation of car buyers.

Mark Bernhard, Holden Managing Director and Chairman, made the comments during an end-of-the-year media function. He added if he were to choose one brand he wants Holden to emulate, he would name Mazda.


“Not just in terms of sales, but overall. They do a great job on brand, on customer engagement…” Bernhard said.


The first taste of the “new” Holden will arrive with an all-new Spark scheduled to launch in Australia in February 2016. Until then, many new products remain under wraps, including the 2018 Holden Commodore. By: gmauthority