The Red Rhino LF5G has been unveiled at the Home Team Festival in Singapore, and according to the company that built it, it is designed to save lives in hard-to-reach fire and rescue emergencies.

Hope Technik Reveals Another Car-Sized Firetruck Called Red Rhino

This fifth-generation Red Rhino has room for more riders and gear, and it includes a protective cage and a large foam canister in the back, which can be used to put out smaller fires. It also has foam tanks integrated into the fenders to balance the weight and improve space efficiency. Despite being equipped with all these, the car weighs about 5,071lb, which apparently is 132lb less than the previous generation.

The first Rhino model was released in 2000, and every model launched since then has been built over the frame of an Isuzu D-Max, being developed for the Singapore Civil Defense Force. This fifth-gen unit is their first dual-purpose frontline vehicle for responding to both fire and medical emergencies.


The exterior is made out of lightweight custom fiberglass body panels in order to keep the car’s weight to a minimum. The LF5G has five seats now, with room for a medical technician and four firefighters, and an added compartment for medical equipment such as an automated external defibrillator, oxygen cylinder and blood pressure set. A chromoly steel roll cage was added to protect its occupants, according to Gizmag.

The truck received some improvements for better on-scene response, such as an electric throttle control that replaces the old cable-actuated control. The layout has also been modified for more efficient equipment storage.


It is powered by Isuzu’s 2.5-liter twin-turbo diesel engine, which delivers 163hp through a five-speed automatic gearbox. It includes a driver-selectable 2WD, 4WD and 4WD low, and two rear-view cameras for better visibility in congested traffic.

The previous model, called LF4G, was known as the world’s first compact urban firefighting vehicle, with a completely integrated compressed air foam pump system.  By: autoevolution