You’ll probably need upwards of $2 million.
Until the LaFerrari XX comes along, the Ferrari FXXX Evo remains the fastest model the Italian carmaker has ever built. It’s also exceptionally rare, with opportunities to own one few and far between. This particular model happens to be on sale with Miller Motorcars, however the price has yet to be revealed.

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

The Enzo-based FXX program began in 2005, with the Evoluzione package arriving two years later. For $300,000, buyers had the 6.2-liter V12 upped from 800 to 860 hp.

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione-02

Just 30 units of the Ferrari FXX were built, and only a handful received the Evo kit. Aside from the boost in power, the Evo package added a unique livery, updated rear wing, suspension and brakes, and a reworked transmission that cut shifting times from 80 to 60 milliseconds.

Ferrari FXX Evoluzione-01

The FXX Evo sprints from 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds and hits a top speed of 250 mph. Finished in Bianco Fuji Pearl White and Rosa Corsa Red, this particular model was #1 from the factory and one of nine sold in the US. So how much would pay for this? By: carscoops