Learn how to deep clean your carpets in car. This is ultimate guide you will ever need. After this, your car carpets will look like new and there is no doubt about it. Video was uploaded on Valley Motor’s Youtube channel and it has more than three hundred and ninety five thousand views so far. More than two people liked this video, and only eighty people disliked it.


If your car is dirty, it is time to give it new look with this great method to deep clean car carpets. These guys from Valley Motors know their stuff, we think this is one of the best methods to clean carpets in every car. Some people tried this method and they failed to clean it. We don’t understand why. Their carpet are more dirty than before, but they probably did something wrong from the start.

If you have mold on your carpets, you can splay carpets and soak it, and scrub it and rub it good with some cleaning scrubber and your carpets will look like new. Don’t let your car carpets get too dirty, or you can wave them goodbye. If this method does not help you, maybe you should buy new ones. Watch how to deep clean your car carpets and if you like this method. By: netcarzone