Recently the Monza Grand Prix took place in Italy. Next to racing, there was more for fanatics of the luxurious lifestyle around Formula 1, watches. Hublot showed us their new series of the Big Bang in cooperation with Ferrari.

Hublot shows new Ferrari collection

Despite the fact that Lewis Hamilton took the victory, Ferrari was also quite successful with these new watches. During the Grand Prix, the limited MP-05 LaFerrari All Black was shown. A watch with a reserve of 50 days and a unique tourbillon.

The watch has the same styling as the design of the car. The glass is designed in the style of the LaFerrari. With up to 638 components this is the most complex watch ever built by Hublot. Just like the LaFerrari is a highlight in the history of Ferrari.

Hublot shows new Ferrari collection_2

Another highlight is the new Big Bang Ferrari Carbon. With the recognizable design of the BIg Bang, Hublot designed some beautiful new watches where the ‘Fusion’ principle of Hublot is clearly shown. With a case made out of a mix of carbon fiber, gold and titanium, Hublot shows us that they’re really innovative.  By: AutogeSpot