Lamborghini Yellow_Arrow

Up front the entire front bumper receives a new design with air intakes on the side, large intakes up front and lower fin made of clear carbon fiber that flows into a vertical fin on the sides for improved stability. Upright fins that also appear on the side sills, but behind the front wheel and in front of the large rear wheels, also note there is a second carbon fiber section running from the front to the rear on the side … at the lower side air intake Duke Dynamics adds a nice plaque.


Lamborghini Yellow_Arrow

Nice air ducts are added at the rear corners while the entire diffuser is finished in clear carbon fiber, complete with a more aggressive styled lower section … also note the engine cover by Duke Dynamics shows carbon fiber fins and glass sections in the middle … all in all a very special, more intimidating look for the new ‘Baby Lamborghini’.

HURACAN LP-610 – Rear Wing

HURACAN LP-610 - Rear Wing

Around the back we encounter a massive rear wing that is fixed in a very innovative way using a center strut instead of the usual pair of fins on either side, give the Huracan a very nice touch. This rear wing can be color coded to the rest of the Huracán or kept in clear carbon fiber whichever the customer likes best. By: dukedynamics