Hurst, makers of those iconic shifters that sat atop four-speed manual transmissions in classic muscle cars, has just announced official pricing for its Hurst/HEMI Challenger that debuted at SEMA in Las Vegas last month.

Hurst Challenger2

 There are 4 “stages” of tune for the Challenger, which are oddly numbered 2 through 5. Series 2 will add exactly $18,350 to the price of a donated Challenger R/T, which means putting a Hurst Challenger in your driveway will cost at least $48,895.

Hurst Challenger

For that heady sum, you’ll get 352 horses, 20-inch alloys and a special paint and graphics kit. Maxing things out will get you a Series 5 SRT8 Hurst Challenger with 572 raging ponies courtesy of a Vortech supercharged 6.1L HEMI V8… all for a cost of *gulp* $75,395.

The shifty firm has a long history of creating special editions American muscle cars, starting with the seminal Hurst Olds from 1968. It should be noted that some of those vehicles have gone on to become highly collectible. Time will tell if the new Hurst/HEMI will follow in those footsteps, but that may largely depend on how many people are willing to plunk down the extra dough in the first place. See the complete pricing breakdown after the break. By: autoblog