One-of-a-kind Bugatti art car debuts at the Wilton Classic.

Bugarti Bugatti-Veyron-art-car-1

British artist Ian Cook, also known as PopBangColour, has created an incredible work of automotive art for this year’s Wilton Classic and Supercars event.


Using a Bugatti Veyron as his canvas, Cook created a Gulf-liveried wrap complete with bar codes, Twitter handles and unique “BugARTi” logos.



The Wilton Classic event is held annually on August 5th by Lord Pembroke of Wiltshire, where the unique creation was captured by GF Williams Photography and filmed by YouTube user F14BigAl.

The paint-splattered vinyl was applied by Raccoon Vehicle Wrapping, and whether you like the result or not, its quad-turbo W16 engine propelling it to over 250 mph will undoubtedly outrun even the fastest of BMW’s legendary art cars. By: Carbuzz