It’s been reported that the Barracuda is making a comeback. For that, we thank FCA. Unless it looks like this. Then you can keep it,Chrysler.

Chrysler broke the news to its dealers in Las Vegas, and they’ve told them that only a convertible variant of the legendary pony car will be re-introduced into the wild. It’s going to be a tough pill to swallow as convertibles usually aren’t the highest performing sales market.


On top of that bit of news, it’s going to be based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia, which doesn’t exactly inspire ponycar-like performance chills. It seems more like the Dodge Dart 4-cylinder type, not the Challenger or Charger V8.


I may eat my words, but the name Barracuda is fierce and it should be equipped with a powertrain that instills fear; the kind of thrill that raises those little hairs on the back of your neck. Anything less than a Hemi engine will be sub-par, unless it’s the Ferrari-designed 510-horsepower V6. That would do as well. By: Gearheads