Straight out of 2013 comes a crazy hypercar that surprisingly even got made, so it’s a bit more than a concept. It’s called Laraki Epitome 2013 and it has 1750 horse power. It takes on elements from aerospace design, as well as Formula One.


The chassis is inspired by the C6 Corvette and 91 octa gasoline is the key for this beast to get fired up. The hypercar weighs 2800 pounds and has a body made of carbon fiber almost entirely. Laraki Motors originally made yachts in the 1990s, but then it created two concept cars: the Fulgura in 2002 and the Borak in 2005.

Laraki-Epitome-concept-2013-2 Laraki-Epitome-concept-2013-3

It’s no wonder that beautiful projects came out of this company, under the leadership of Dr. Peter Tutzer, Bugatti’s former technical director.


At the 2013 Pebble Beach show we first saw the Epitome in all its splendor and learned that it was priced at $2 million. 4 pipes will take care of the emissions here, making a ton of noise when the engine goes crazy. A 7 liter Chevy V8 is the core here, connected to turbochargers. 9 examples were built of this supercar, last I checked. As far as the design goes, I feel some clear Viper vibes, combined with an Audi-like roof and a Bugatti back. By concepsuper