Nobody seems to have a problem understanding what the Infiniti Q30 is, even if the manufacturer says it’s an all-new class of vehicle (another niche within a niche). People have easily grasped its taller hatchback that’s lower than a crossover idea and they seem to be buying into it. The consensus in the first batch of static preview videos from the Frankfurt motor show seems to be that people are waiting to drive it because they already find it appealing.
Infiniti q300
In regards to the driving experience, it can’t be all too different from what a Mercedes A-Class or GLA have to offer, given that they have very similar underpinnings.

There is also another area where the Q30-A-Class connection is evident: the shape of the sportier seats with integrated headrests – those seats look for all intents and purposes identical to the ones found on the Mercedes.
Even with that and the evident Mazda Kodo design impression it leaves, we, like everybody else, we are really curious to see how it’s going to fare in its intended markets.
Source: carscoops